Company profile

We are a Moroccan group specialized in sourcing, marketing and distribution of electronic material, home appliances, telephony and computing accessories in Morocco.

After 20 years of activity, we employ 100 collaborators throughout the kingdom. 

In addition to its importation subsidiaries, the Group guaranties marketing and distribution in Morocco.

Our company positions as a sales leader of digital receivers and accessories in Morocco under “Vision Technology” and “Pinacle” brands.

Clearly identified as an important operator in the electronical technology, we adapt permanently our business to the market evolutions and consumer expectations.

Vision, Mission and values:

Vision : 

Become an important operator in the electronics and home appliances technology and strengthen the leading position in sales on the market.

Mission : 

Ensure the best technology to our customers, and strengthen the exemplary behavior of our employees to provide our customers a high quality service.

Values :

- Sharing : 

To share our skills with customers and partners

To share fruits of success with collaborators.

- Listening : 

  Listen permanently to clients, collaborators and partners. This value consolidates the relationship of the Group with different operators.

- Satisfaction : 

Be at the disposal of our internal and external customers  and promote their satisfaction loyalty.

- Continuous Improvement : 

Set a continuous improvement approach on all levels of the company by implicating the staff in order to assure company progress.

Our Politicy :

- Satisfy our customers, and promote their loyalty. 

- Convince new customers through attractive offers and high quality service.     

That can be achieved through : 
•    Development of a permanent partnership with our suppliers ;
•    Various products range ;
•    Customers focus;
•    Optimization of company organization;
•    Capable staff
•    Rigor, flexibility, reactivity, listening, transparency, and respect of commitments.

References : 

Customer service and customer satisfaction are our permanent concerns.

Commitment consists on the following points:

- A rigorous policy of purchases, having as a main goal a high product quality products fulfilling needs of our customers.   

- An interactive after sales service or client support which guaranties a regular customer focus, a personalized treatment of complaints, quick interventions, and qualified technicians.

- A guaranty of permanent availability of spare parts.
Since its creation and thanks to our commercial work, we have a large portfolio of satisfied customers:

- Wholesale traders: the networks operate in informal distribution through various wholesale dealers and semi wholesale distributors.
Partners and Specialized Stores: This network is highly present locally, managed by contract and direct partnership.

After sales service: 

Our customer service is here to serve you, put our professional experience at your disposal to convince you and earn your trust.

Our After-sales service makes a commitment with you to repair, to maintain and to maintain in proper functioning your goods through a 1 year Guarantee on all products.


- Warranty covers defects and eventual deficiencies discovered during use according to recommendations of the constructor.

In case the conditions of warranty are not fulfilled or warranty period expired, the approval of a service can be through a prior consent of the customer. 

Offers the following services:

- Change of spare parts ;

- Material repair ;

- Maintenance of material ;

- Replacement of material ;

- Technical support….

For all your requests, our  after sales service  will be at your disposal  to help you.

Phone : +212 7 07 98 59 32

Email :